Garden Decor - 13 Simple and Effective DIY Planter Ideas

13 DIY Planter Ideas For Garden Decor


Old plant pots can be upgraded by painting them, wrapping pots with pretty lace, colored threads and also jute ropes to enhance your garden decor. The pots can even be decorated using attractive fabrics, colorful stones, pebbles, gems to transform a plain pot into an elegant piece.

Instead used the flower pots materials lying around your house to make attractive yet no-cost DIY planters for your garden. Furthermore, place the upcycled planters inside the house or place them together with your outdoor furniture in the backyard or garden.

Recycled Tins

If you want to ditch the traditional terracotta pots for your plants, do so by using vintage tins – use small, medium or large tins to make them into planters. Furthermore, paint the tins and let the plants bloom in your porch.  

13 DIY Planter Ideas For Garden Decor

Drawer Upcycled Planter

Use the old drawers of a dresser to make an upcycled drawer. Attach multiple drawers on a ladder-shaped base to plant different plants on each level. Therefore, it will make a space-saving garden idea, even for your balcony.

DIY Chair Planter

Convert old chairs to make a planter by removing the broken seat and adding a large base sized pot inside the chair to make a planter.

Coffee Mugs and Teacups

Broken coffee mugs or cup and saucers can be given a second life by converting it to a place for small plants to grow.

13 DIY Planter Ideas For Garden Decor

Vintage Objects

How cool would it be by doing a DIY project by converting a vintage object to a planter?  It can be an asset to the garden by thinking a little creatively. It gives those antiques a new life instead of just lying around in our house.

  • Typewrite
  • Sewing machine
  • Bicycle
  • Alarm clock
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor

Shoe planters

Immortalize the old shoes by making fabulous eye-catching DIY planters. It adds color and also creativity for your garden.

Mason jar planters

To make a number of DIY crafts use Mason jars. Making a planter using Mason jar is just one among them. The simplest DIY we would love to add on our desk, our dining table, kitchen and also on the wall by attaching it to a wooden block.

Wine bottle planter

Create a planter using upcycled wine bottles and hang them on the windows, balcony, also place them on the side table to add a green touch to the room.

Jute bag planters

Fill Jute bags with soil and manure to make backyard planter of veggies.

Tire planter

Use old tires by painting it with different colors and stacking them in different shapes in order to make a garden DIY planter.

DIY concrete plant

In order to make concrete planters use white cement. Paint the DIY pots in different shapes and colors and use them indoors and also out in the garden.

Toy planter

Toy vehicles like trucks and buses come in different sizes. Therefore, these toy vehicles are huge enough to convert them into toy planter.

Plastic bottle planters

Another idea for garden decor is to upcycle used plastic bottles to make quick and easy DIY planters.

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