DIY Garden Furniture - 15 DIY Ideas for your inspiration DIY Garden Furniture - 15 DIY Ideas for your inspiration

14 DIY Garden Furniture Ideas


Whether you’re just starting woodworking or just want some of the most common woodworking tools to refresh yourself. Take a look at these 14 amazing DIY ideas of garden furniture that’s definitely going to inspire you and others.

Milk Jugs

For a great rustic farmhouse look use the old milk jugs to make side tables. Clean the milk jugs, paint them and add some round wooden block or plywood to make the DIY outdoor side table!

Old Wooden Door

It can be converted to a wonderful outdoor dining table, where a family can also gather to dine outdoor dining set up. It makes a wonderful DIY craft idea by just painting an old wooden door and adding legs to it.

Flower Pot Table

It is another creative DIY garden furniture idea. To make a side table or even a center table the easily available large flower pots can be re-purposed. Place a wooden, metal or plywood to complete the look.

Garden Furniture

Rope Ottoman

Make DIY rope ottoman for that perfect place to relax the feet while enjoying the garden beauty. Attach round plywood on the tire and then cover the entire tire using a rope. The most beautiful and attractive DIY outdoor furniture is ready to use in an hour.

Pallet Bench around the Tree

Make bench around the larger tree in the garden by stacking the pallet.

Tire Swing

Yet another simple DIY to make is the tire swing. Tie a rope to the rubber tire and hang them from the heavy branch of the tree.

Tires Coffee Table

Make a coffee table using a tire. Paint the tires and place them one above the other to the desired height and then add a round glass or wooden top to complete to a DIY project.

Tires Coffee Table

Tire Chairs

Tire chains are also an easy DIY craft project. Add some cushions to the tire to make them comfortable. We can also make the back of the tire chair using the pieces of tire rim with webbing. It again can be used as it is or adds legs by attaching metal rods or thick dowels.

Barrel Side Tables

Use the barrel to make the side table. Clean, paint and it’s ready to use. A simple DIY project finishes in less than an hour.

DIY Vertical Ladder Planter

Recycling a wooden ladder to a vertical ladder plant is yet another simple DIY. It is the most space-saving idea too. It is perfect for the tiny balcony – even if has to be set up in the small apartment.

Milk Crate Stool

Milkcrate can be converted to a simple stool by placing a wooden piece on the top. The stool can also be used as a storage unit. Yet another simple DIY completed in minutes. The best part is we can move them anytime.

Fruit Crate Arm Chair

To make a simple armchair up-cycle fruit crate by removing one side of the crate and adding cushions to it.

Cable Spool

Spool can also be used to make different outdoor furniture like a table with no cost. It can again be used as it or applying some varnish to it or by winging it with ropes to give that perfect garden furniture look.

A Tent House

Use the wood from pallets to make the tent house frame and cover it with bright clothes to make this yet another simple DIY project. Add blankets and also pillows. Children will have a cozy area for their reading or nap time.

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