Treehouse Enhancements Kids Love - 15 DIY Ideas

15 Treehouse Enhancements Kids Love


As a kid, we all loved to play making a fort using chairs and blankets under the table and also inside the cupboard. A treehouse, for example, is a magical place to be in. It is a terrifying idea for parents to build a treehouse. Making your own DIY treehouse isn’t an easy job. Investing time and money will result in a happy place for you and for your little ones. If you ever have a dream of making a treehouse in your backyard, check below for some DIY treehouse enhancements.

1. Simplest Treehouse Enhancements

The simplest tree house for the kids could be made with minimal amounts of material, time and also money if you have a tree in your garden. Make a wooden board around the tree at a height that is safe for the kids to be in. Attach some wooden logs to the tree to make steps. Finally, complete the look by adding some cushions or pillows.

2. Platform Treehouse with a Slide

A simple platform treehouse can be modified for better enjoyment by installing a slide to it, in addition to the ladder, kids are sure to spend countless hours in the woods creating memories.

15 Treehouse Enhancements Kids Love

3. A Wooden Boat-shaped Tree Fort

To add a fun element to your creative DIY project make a wooden boat-shaped treehouse. It can be turned into a pirate ship or into a simple sailboat. Use clothes and also lights to decorate it. Furthermore, add a pirate flag! Kids are sure to love playing inside the treehouse.

4. Add Swings as Treehouse Enhancements

In addition to the ladder and slide if we have enough space for the swing to be hung. A simple DIY swing using wood or tire can be hung to the rod of the treehouse.

5. Add Cushions

Turn a simple space inside the treehouse into a clubhouse by painting inside with bright color and also throw some matching blankets and cushions.

6. Hang String Lights

To make the house magical during night time, add some string light.

7. Curtains

Add sheer curtains to the windows and doors of the treehouse and also tie it to give it a cozy look from inside and outside.

15 Treehouse Enhancements Kids Love

8. Add Vertical Planters

Adding vertical planters is yet another popular tree enhancements to bring the kids closer to nature by taking care of the plants by daily watering and cleaning the plants.

9. Suspension Bridges

If you manage to make two treehouses, then connect them with a suspension bridge.

10. Fairytale Look

Give the treehouse the fairytale look by painting it similar to the fairy houses like a red and white mushroom house.

11. Castle Design

Instead of a classic treehouse, design it to make it look like a castle!

12. Rope Ladder

Instead of the wooden ladder attached to the house, make a rope ladder that can be pulled up once we climb, to stop the invaders from going inside the private space.

13. Add Zip Line

Give the kids the Tarzan swinging through the trees by adding Zipline from the treehouse to a tree nearby!

14. Build It On Stilts

No big trees in your garden to build the treehouse? No worries, mimic the look of the treehouse on stilts. Undoubtedly, this will give a feeling of being up in a tree.                                                                                                             

15. Swimming Pool

Last but not least, How about the treehouse slide that ends in the swimming pool? Wow!

Hope you liked the above treehouse enhancements. Why wait, DIY.

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