Best Outdoor Playhouse Designs for Kids - Best Outdoor Playhouse Designs for Kids -

Best Outdoor Playhouse Designs for Kids

Outdoor Playhouse for Kids

Indoor games are fun, until your kids suddenly want to be outside, feel the sun and run around freely without worrying about knocking up some furniture inside your home. Indoor games can also be tiring and boring for your kids, especially if you play the same board games everyday. Kids might want to experience a whole different thing, you might want to have their own outdoor playhouse.

With an outdoor playhouse, worry no more for scattering inside your house, your kids will have their own playhouse to litter around. It is a good thing, considering that you would not worry about your visitors seeing a messy place, or your kids stuck inside the house without having fun at all. Get one of these outdoor playhouses for kids, and your children will never have a dull day again. You can pick a theme according to their personality and aspirations from this list.

1. Mini Café Playhouse

A close up of a person wearing a costume

The kids won’t have to go outside to dine out with this playhouse. Match it with a kitchen playset and cute cutlery for a genuine café feel.

2. House scale model

Don’t you miss your childhood days of playing with a dollhouse? Imagine having a dollhouse, but on a large scale. Pretty exciting, right? If a mini replica of your house sounds like a good idea, a DIY plan might be the one for your kids. Have your kids help out with the painting process and complete it with a mini living room, kitchen, and bedroom furnishings for perfection.

3. Treehouse

Enjoyable for both adults and children, you can also accessorize the treehouse with binoculars, bridge, and zipline with proper safety measures, of course, for a new outdoor fun level.

4. Campgrounds Playhouse

For a more challenging playtime, a military campground replica is the best choice for an outdoor playhouse for active kids. It’s also an excellent way to train children to be healthy and alert.

5. Royal Playhouse

The Royal Playhouse is excellent for dressing up as royalties for literature day. Perfect for children who love reading and musical shows. You can even arrange a mini play from one of the classics of Shakespeare or Anton Chekhov and invite the whole family for a different bonding experience.

6. Mini Juice Bar

You won’t miss your favorite season anymore with this beach-inspired outdoor playhouse for kids. Set up cute dining set to match the juice bar and serve fresh smoothies and fruit salads to trick picky eaters on gobbling out nutritious greens.

Furthermore, inside the playhouse, your kids can also experience playing different roles they want from someone having a lavish lifestyle or simply portraying a profession. Whether your child is into role-playing a chef, a king, or loves outdoor activities, there will always be a perfect design. You just have to use creativity and include them in the planning stages. In making a playhouse, consider the location, and how big it will be so you will not have a hard time adjusting for the design and style you will put.

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