Brilliant DIY Garden Edging Ideas - Brilliant DIY Garden Edging Ideas -

Brilliant DIY Garden Edging Ideas

Garden edging

The garden beds can be edged with different creative ideas. It is time-consuming but the result will be great. Use your time, energy and creativity to make one of the below garden edging ideas. Some of them might need buying the right kind of supplements while others can be made by recycling your used things.

Brick Edging

Brick is probably the most ancient material for edging the gardens. It defines garden borders very well; it is weather resistant and gives a great look with the plants. Material cost may be higher but setting this up require less time. And it gives a classic traditional appeal.

Garden Brick Edging

DIY Saw Tooth Edging

Instead of placing the brick in the regular style, make a saw toothed edge by placing the brick in a slanting position one beside the other. It gives a gorgeous looking border for the garden.

DIY Cinder Block Garden

Cinder block is relatively inexpensive when compared to bricks and it gives a beautiful garden edging for your flower beds and other landscaping.  Cinder block has the holes and hence can be best used to plant mini plants on the holes too.

Mixed Material Edging

Instead of sticking to one material, try experimenting with two or more materials to create a patterned edging.  Place cinder blocks alternative to bricks or wooden logs to create a unique design. It is a great way of recycling the old materials lying around the house.

DIY Pallet Garden Edging

You can also make the simple fence style garden edging by using pallets. It gives the rustic farmhouse look to the garden by up-cycling the pallets, yet another simple DIY craft to do in the garden using pallet.

Pallet Garden Edging

Wine Bottle Recycle Garden Borders

If you have those empty wine bottles lying unused in your house, use them creatively to make the garden borders. Place them upright one after the other to give a beautiful look. Use different colors of bottles for color pattern.

Wooden Log Garden Borders

Use the wooden logs lying around to make a great DIY project. It is simple, cheap and an inexpensive way of designing a lovely garden edging to give a farmhouse look. Lay them straight or place them upright to make different styled patterns for the borders.

DIY Rock Garden Edging

Yet another simple way to do a DIY crafting in the garden is arranging the rocks to make the edging. Use the big rocks lying around the backyard for this no cost DIY idea.

Small Stone Garden Borders

In order to, make garden edge, use Pebbles and stones. Furthermore, to make a decorative edging arrangement mix larger rock and smaller stones.

Concrete Garden Edging

Do a DIY concrete project for the garden if you don’t have brink, cinder block or wooden log. It is again simple and cheap idea by creating mold to shape the concrete or just by digging a trench and also by pouring the concrete into the ground.

Let us know which is best one? Happy designing your garden!

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