Customizing Ideas for Outdoor Playhouse for the Kids


Our little ones love to enjoy playing outside the house –  let it be simply running around, playing in a sandpit, a swing and also a treehouse. How about the playhouse? Though playhouse is made of plastic, makeshift, wood, sheets or even clothes, any outdoor playhouse will be a whimsical place for the little ones.

There is no end to the ideas that can be added to the playhouse. Small DIY crafts added to the little space give more playtime for the kids to enjoy alone or with their friends.

Let Kids Involve

Making a playhouse with the kids involved can be fun. Therefore, let them help you with small actions like picking up the things for you, helping to hold the smaller tools, listening to their suggestions or even letting them paint the house.

Use Pallets

Upcycle the pallets to make a charming playhouse for the kids, and they will love playing inside it.  Make a simple playhouse with windows and mini doors. Make a roof frame. Complete the roof by attaching a canvas or plywood. The benefit of canvas roof is that the kids can retract the top and play in the sunshine if they wanted. To finish the project add a couple of simple chairs, some cushions.

Adding small kitchen area in the playhouse would be great for the smaller kids. Therefore, use old kitchen sink, or cardboard boxes to make the kitchen. Give them the toy kitchen utensils and they are sure not to disturb you for half of your day without a doubt.

A bunk bed with playhouse for the afternoon naps. If the playhouse is under a shady tree and well ventilated, add a bunk bed instead of just the blanket and pillows. Kids love sleeping outdoors.

Also, add upright garden using a pallet. Let the kids learn more about the plants in their tiny house by taking care of the plants in their vertical garden. This is again a simple DIY craft add-on to the little playhouse.

You can also keep some flowering plants on the windows, put some string lights and sheer curtains to make the tiny place playful for the kids.

Swings, Slides, rock wall pallet, rope climber, rope ladder are all the adventurous kids will enjoy hence add them to the playhouse.

Otherwise, Make the playhouse like a Short Rapunzel castle, a fairytale home, a mushroom house, a car-shaped house or a frame house in a triangular shape to make it stand out among the regular playhouses.

Triangular Frame Playhouse

Customizing Ideas for Outdoor Playhouse for the Kids
Customizing Ideas for Outdoor Playhouse for the Kids

A frame house is in style now. It is in fact kids friendly and is an easy structure to build. Moreover, inexpensive creative idea as it does not have a roof to be made. Frame two walls; attach the frames together at one end and a base on the other end. Make a door at one side of the wall and the rest of the walls can be covered with one or two windows attached. Paint the wooden playhouse; add curtains, carpets, cushions and also small furniture.

To be sure, Check with your kids for the requirement of their tiny playhouses. Furthermore, Try to understand the need for the request and bring in your creativity to build one for the kids that they would spend time happily. In conclusion, any screen-free time is all that we parents would love to give our kids.

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