DIY Cat Tree House Plans - How to Create Your Own Cat Tree House -

DIY Cat Tree House Plans – How to Create Your Own Cat Tree House

A cat sitting on a bench

You have seen those DIY cat house plans that were all over the web. You probably downloaded one of them and started working on it. But how would you know which one is the best? It would be hard to tell right off the bat, since there are so many that you will have to choose from. You might even get overwhelmed when looking at them.

Recycled Materials

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So how do you pick the right ones to use as your DIY cat trees for your feline friend? Most of these projects are going to cost you less because of being made out of recycled materials and recycled objects. This is a great way to put these old unwanted items to good use, once again. Browse through this list of 20 DIY cat tree house plans that can be created using various materials and can come with or without cat houses built above them.

Wooden Plank Board Designs – This plan is made up of wood panels joined together at the top. You will cut plywood strips to fit along the sides and bottom of the wooden boards. These would be stitched onto the plywood to make support rails for the wooden boards beneath the platform. There are some cute designs in this plan that you can use.

PVC Plastic Stairs 

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This DIY cat tree house plan comes with instructions on how to construct the wood stairs. First, you need to assemble the legs and then attach them to wooden beams. The wooden platforms are then placed onto the stairs and bolts are screwed into the wood to serve as the support for them. The walls can then be attached and the final result is a cat tower that is complete with stairs.

Rope Pendants – A DIY rope cat tree house is yet another plan that is easy to build. This one is also made out of different types of material but the main component is woolen yarn or cotton rags. To make it more appealing, you can also drape different colors of rags over the poles and platforms to make it more beautiful. The most important thing in this plan is that there are no gaps or holes where the cat could get his claws stuck into.

Cat Tree Posts And Stairs 

Another great idea for a DIY cat tree house is to build a small wooden scratching post and have it placed right in the center of the building. Since you already have the platform and the stairs, all you need to do is add the cat scratching post to its plans. Just like the wooden stairs, there are no holes or gaps where the cats could get their claws stuck. It is really safe to use this type of DIY project as the cats will not be able to climb up the posts.

Last Words 

There are a lot of cat trees that you can find online but I can assure you that these DIY cat towers are the safest as well as the most convenient. You can easily build it yourself and will not spend thousands of dollars. You can also decide which design would be best for you and the look and feel of your home. But remember to choose a plan that is made specifically for cats. This is the best way for you to avoid any accidents that you cat may encounter when reaching up or going down the stairs from the cat tower.

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