DIY Crafts for Garden Decor for the Feather Friends DIY Crafts for Garden Decor for the Feather Friends

DIY Garden Decor for the Feather Friends

DIY Crafts for Garden Decor for Birds

What would be a garden be without the birds and insects coming to visit the flowers? Birds love to have the food grains and we can scatter the grains on the ground or on the balcony ledge, but it would be a huge mess to clean after the bird’s visit. The best is to create a tiny bird feeder and place it in an open space of your garden. Using recyclables and old material, and beautiful DIY crafts for birds can be definitely welcome them.

Check out some brilliant DIY crafts using the most available materials lying around the house for the little feathered friends. Make simple DIY crafts for the birds to feed using the most available materials in our home. Let’s take a look at some of the best DIY garden decor for our feather friends.

Flower Pot Bird Feeder

To make simple and neutral garden decor construct a bird feeder using the small flower pots and saucers.

Flowerpot Bird feeder

Coconut Shell

Use a coconut shell to make a simple bird feeder. Use multiple sheets to make a beautiful hanging bird feeder or attach the bird’s feed to the backyard wall or the tree where birds would love to come to have their feed.

Juice or Milk Cartons

Convert Milk cartons into simple temporary bird feeders. Make sure to have a stick attached to the carton for the bird to sit while enjoying the grains.

Tea Cup and Saucer Bird Feeder

Make a cool DIY by attaching a cut on a saucer and fill the cut with the grains for the birds. Make this DIY project using Different colors of cup and saucer. Without a doubt, It would make a cool decorative piece in the garden.

Egg Carton Bird Feeder

Yet another no-cost DIY is by using an egg carton to make a bird feeder.

Tin Can Feeder

Tie a ribbon or rope around the tin and glue a stick inside the tin for the birds to rest. Tin can feeder is ready. Fill the tin half full with the grain and hang them. Ensure to smooth the sharp edges of the tin so that it would not hurt the tiny body.

Tin Can Bird Feeder

Plastic Bottle Feeder

Hang a bird feeder filled plastic soda bottle around the backyard with small wooden spoons inserted into the bottle to stop the seeds from spilling out and for the bird to stand while having the feed. Yet another great DIY isn’t it. Good use of plastic menace too.

Plastic Bowl Feeder

To make this DIY craft use plastic bowls – round, square and also rectangular ones.  Hang two bowls each for water and seed on the tree and birds are sure to enjoy this one too.

There are yet more ideas that can be put into thoughts to make a DIY bird feeder.  Check around the house for the material that can be used to make the one. Adding some colors to the material would make our garden or backyard beautiful and also helps the bird fill their little tummy. So which one are you making?

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