DIY Outdoor Playhouse Decoration Ideas


Create a great place for kids or grandkids to play for hours with some of these DIY outdoor playhouse decoration ideas given below.

You will have a great time building these fun DIY projects, you can add details of the little ones’ requirements and they will have a blast with the finished playhouse. There are different types of playhouses from the traditional one to playhouses that have forts. We can either make a treehouse up in the garden tree or one on the ground.

Different Outdoor Playhouses Styles

If you are looking for making a simple and easy play house, build a four-sided frame first with door and windows and then attach wooden boards on to the frame. Add a one-sided slanting roof. Or transform a small shed to a playhouse. Adding some furniture, plants, and decorating with DIY embellishment serves the purpose of making a playhouse.

DIY Outdoor Playhouse Decoration Ideas

There is a lot of learning happening while playing. Kids also learn how to keep their house clean. They ensure to place back the things in the right place in their tiny space so that the clutter does not mess up their playtime. In fact, use tables and chairs inside to teach table manners. They will be eager to draw and also want their paintings to be hung. Therefore, set up an art and craft area, for crafty ideas click the little mind.

Decorating the house according to the season or festival helps them learn more about the changing season and also festivals. The playhouse can even be turned as a happy reading nook, hence reading habits develop.  Therefore, adding these DIY crafts below to decorate and accessorize with little things will definitely make it more homy for kids to enjoy their playtime.

Steps for Decorating Outdoor Playhouse

Customizing Ideas for Outdoor Playhouse for the Kids
Customizing Ideas for Outdoor Playhouse for the Kids

Here are some steps to decorate your playhouse and make it even more beautiful:

  • Arrange small furniture inside as well as outside the playhouse.
  • Arrange a small table and chairs for board games.      
  • Add more storage area for their toys.
  • Hang their photos to personalize their space.
  • Decorate the playhouse according to the season.
  • Bring in the festival mood even in the playhouse.
  • Add a small study area – maybe they will love studying inside the playhouse?
  • Place a floor mat for their tiny feet to feel comfortable.
  • Add DIY homemade curtains to wrapped sides of doors and windows.
  • Add reading nooks for the kids.
  • Make a small bookshelf for books.
  • Decorate with mirrors.
  • Add the paintings that your kids have made on the walls.
  • Add a message wall hanging.
  • Some indoor plants. Plant them in simple DIY planters.
  • Add some DIY banners
  • Make a chalkboard.
  • Hang lanterns.
  • Add fairy lights.
  • Decorate with DIY garlands.
  • Add small play items.
  • Make a kitchen with toy utensils.
  • Make a dollhouse
  • Add boxes in the window for flowering plants.
  • Place a nameplate outside of it.
  • Make a small flowering garden around the playhouse.

So how are you going to decorate your kids’ playhouse? Remember, little details go a long way to add memories to your kids without a doubt. Happy crafting!

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