Garden Furniture Ideas - Some Easy DIY Budget Friendly Ideas

Easy DIY Budget Friendly Garden Furniture


Spending quality time in the garden among the plants, the chirping birds, beautiful butterflies is the best way to get connected with nature.  Sitting out there in the garden with your friends sharing secrets or just being by yourself for some quiet time is all we need to refresh our mind. There are different types of garden furniture coming up in the market. But looking at the price, we may want to think of alternatively using our creative thoughts to make DIY furniture that makes a statement piece in our garden. Here are some garden furniture ideas:

DIY Cloth or Canvas Hammock Chair

This DIY chair hanging from the tree is also a good idea for making that outdoor furniture. All we have to do is stitch the ends of the cloth or canvas with some space for the rope to betide. Add the rope through the ends and hang them on a tree. It’s easy to make this outdoor furniture at home.

Easy DIY Budget Friendly Garden Furniture

Steel Drums Center Table

To create a center table, use steel drums. Though we can use it as it is or add some creative DIY ideas like painting it with our favorite color or adding plywood on top will enhance the look. It gives that perfect vintage look to the garden area. 

DIY Outdoor Pallet Swing

What could be more relaxing than lying on an outdoor hanging lounger on a summer evening? Join together pallets with ropes, secure it to a heavy tree, and then add some cushions, bedsheets, and pillows. This will make the best reading area in your backyard.

DIY French-Style Seater

Make a classic and elegant French style seater in your garden. Scout two identical chairs, remove the seats of the chair and replace it with a handmade rectangular base.

Concrete Block Chairs

To make a chair, arrange concrete blocks. Add some colorful cushions. Since concrete blocks have holes, add some beautiful flowering plants to make it an even better outdoor area in your garden.

Easy DIY Budget Friendly Garden Furniture

Milkcrate Stool

Milk-crate is an inexpensive seating option. To make DIY stool add some cushion on the milk crate. Milk-crate can also be used as storage to keep garden tools.

DIY Macrame Hammock

Every backyard should have a hammock. An outdoor hammock is the best place to rest during summer evenings. DIY a hammock using macrame. Our little ones will love it and also use it all the time.

Pallets Chair

Pallets also can be converted to a comfortable chair by stacking them one above the other. Paint it and add also some cushions to enhance the look. It is also one of the simple DIY outdoor furniture that can be completed in an hour.

Wood Stumps Stools

Make use of the stumps and turn them into stools. On the other hand, attach plywood on the top of the stumps and add cushions to make it comfortable. Garden furniture with no cost involved is ready in minutes.

So which one are you making in your garden?  Make one and share your creativity. You will love it. Hope you enjoyed these garden furniture ideas.

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