Garden Furniture - 12 Easy DIY Ideas -

Garden Furniture – 12 Easy DIY Ideas

Best DIY Garden Furniture

There are a lot of us who love spending time out in the garden, be it the backyard among the vegetables and herbs or porch area or balcony to merely loosen up and breathe some fresh air. Setting up the garden is a tedious job. Garden is not just for plants but it should also have outdoor furniture for us to enjoy the calming ambiance of the outdoors.

Garden Furniture – 12 Easy DIY Ideas

There is a lot of outdoor garden furniture that we can buy from the market or online. With a little creativity and supreme ideas, we can upgrade or recycle some of your materials into personalized garden furniture. Check below for some quick ideas: Concrete stools –concrete blocks are used to make garden stools buy adding legs to it. A simple no-cost DIY idea again!

Rock wall

A mini rock wall for adventurous kids can be done yet again by using pallet woods.

Garden Storage Benches

DIY project for storing garden tools is a great idea. Use wood from old shelves to make a storage bench. A seater and storage in one is a great piece with no money involved.

DIY Garden Furniture Table

Set up a garden table by arranging two pallets together vertically beside the wall and put wooden blocks over them to make a garden table. Simple yet easy outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Movie Screen

Host outdoor movie night in your garden by making this DIY project. All you need is PVC pipes and white sheet to make outdoor screen.

Garden Furniture – 12 Easy DIY Ideas

Chair Bucket Stand For Cold Drinks

When setting up an outdoor party during summer a cold storage is a must. Make a simple drink stand using old chair and a galvanized bucket with handles. Insert the bucket in the middle opening of the chair. Put ice and drinks.

Slab Side Table

If you have a rectangular slab of wood lying around at your house, make legs for it, seal it and you will have an inexpensive table for a planter. It will have an industrial look without a doubt.

Pallet Center Table

Paint four pallets and attach them in such a way that each has an opening facing outside. Furthermore, Add four wooden blocks at each corner to make the leg of desirable height. Hence, a simple DIY center table with storage is ready to use.

Recycle Aluminum Chairs

Recycle old aluminum chairs by weaving new bright-colored threads to give it a new life.

Toad Stools

Make toadstools by using wood stumps and also huge old circular vessels. Paint it red with white polkas and yet another amazing DIY project is ready for your children and guests to enjoy.

Table with Storage

Upgrade a potting bench by painting it in a bright color. Moreover, the storage underneath and attach S-shaped hooks for hanging garden tools.

DIY Loungers

Last but not least, make a comfortable lounger using a pallet. Paint it red or blue and also add cushions for comfort. Complete the look by adding a pallet side table, pat yourself in the back for completing this easy DIY projects.

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