Garden Illumination for the Night Parties - Simple DIY Ideas

Glow In The Dark Outdoor Party – Simple DIY Ideas To Illuminate The Garden At Night

Garden Illumination

When throwing a party at the house, apart from the food, we think about how space can be utilized. Outdoor space such as the garden can be used to get together with friends. Having good lighting is important for outdoor parties. Instead of candle lights and string lights, a glow in the dark party ideas can give the perfect shine.

Glowing Message Write-Ups

Welcome your guest with simple messages using neon glowing paints. Personalize the message and hang them on an outdoor wall to ensure your guest will notice it.

Glow In The Dark Outdoor Party – Simple DIY Ideas To Illuminate The Garden At Night

Glowing Wind Chime

Instead of a regular wind chime in the garden, hang some glow in the dark wind chimes, it may not make noise but will give ample lighting. Add a number of glow sticks to give more light together with party decors.

Glowing strings

Instead of string lights, hang the glowing sticks looping them together to make a string. It is affordable, easy to make and a quick way to add illumination.

Glowing Stick Ring Toss

To add a glowing party game use a glow necklace or bracelets. The glow makes the party games more entertaining.

Glowing in the Dark Bowling

Fill empty water bottles with sand and glow sticks to make bowling pins. Enjoy bowling outdoor with your friends.

Glow Bubbles

Make glow bubble solution with a super simple recipe. Make the bubble solution using water, dish-soap and fluorescent paint or glow in the dark paint. Kids in the party are sure to enjoy blowing bubbles.

Get Glow Pebbles Stones

Paint the stones in the garden using fluorescent glow in the dark paint and place them in the lawn to illuminate the garden grass.

Glowing Pavement

Paint the pavement of your garden with fluorescent paint for a futuristic look.

Glow In The Dark Outdoor Party – Simple DIY Ideas To Illuminate The Garden At Night

Photo Backdrop Glowing

Without a doubt, this outdoor glowing photo backdrop DIY idea is perfect for capturing all the fun happenings at the party. Create this craft by painting on plain sheets of paper with fluorescent paint and cut to small pieces to make the photo backdrop.

Glowing Paper Cups and Plates

Paint the back of the cups and plates with fluorescent paint to make the illuminating serving items for food and beverages. Yet another DIY craft for an outdoor party.

Make Furniture Glow

Paint a coat of fluorescent paint on benches, chairs and also on tables to give it a glow.

Glowing Parking Sign

On the other hand, create a DIY parking sign using fluorescent paint or glow in the dark paint.

Glowing Glass Jar

Hang DIY glowing glass jars around the garden trees instead of lanterns. Break a glow in the dark stick and empty the solution into the glass jar, then close the lid and shake the bottle to make a simple glowing glass jar.

Glowing Flower Pots

Last but not least, paint the flowering pots with a glow in the dark paint, it will shine throughout the party. This DIY project can be completed in a few minutes.

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