How to Build a Minecraft Tree House

minecraft tree house

My friend just recently acquired a Minecraft game and had asked me to make a video tutorial on how to build a minecraft tree house. She said that she really likes this game and wants one but does not know where to start. I told her that it’s actually very easy. It’s better to just follow the video tutorial rather than trying to go through every step by myself. I’ll provide you with a link at the end of this article that you can use to find the video tutorial I used for making this tree house.

In order to get started, you will first need to download the minecraft game. This is a fairly new game so most of the sites you’ll be able to find it at are only compatible with the vista operating system. Once you have it installed, open up the game and get familiar with the controls. You will want to familiarize yourself with the minecraft menu, the crafting menus, the book, crafting tables, beds and furniture.

Blocks In 3D View

A vase of flowers next to a christmas tree

After doing so, I recommend you use the “New” game option to create your tree house. This is where all of the blocks are placed in 3D view. You can change the size of the tree house by modifying the size of the block. It is very important to place the tree in the desired location.

The next step is to add the furnishings. Again, it is best to simply click on the block while dragging it over to the furniture slot. When putting the Furniture into place, be sure to position it in a way where you will not accidentally bump into it. Using the ” overlay ” function in conjunction with the right sides of the block will help prevent this from happening.

To finish off, I recommend placing a magical flower over the base of the tree house. I know that this might sound ridiculous to some, but the more creative you are in your approach, the better it looks. By creating a platform where the flower will be sitting, you can now place the tree house at the base of the tree. If done correctly, the tree will extend outward from the platform.

Adding Door To The Tree House

A boat in the water

The last step is to add a door to the tree house. This is simple enough even for someone who has never built anything before. All you have to do is place the door exactly where the windows are located on the outside. If you need additional assistance in placing the doors on the tree house, there are several YouTube videos that will explain the exact process.

That about sums up the entire process of how to build a treehouse in minecraft. I know that it took me quite a while to get it together, but when I was finished I felt very proud. The results were amazing and I am sure that you will be as pleased with them as I am. This is a great way to not only build something nice, but to improve the way your house looks.

I am sure that you will be able to build something wonderful, and your kids will talk about it for years to come. So what are you waiting for?

Different Ways To Learn

There are many different ways to learn how to build a treehouse in minecraft. If you prefer video instructions over an illustrated manual, then I would recommend the ones below. They provide step-by-step instruction and include a video for each part of the construction process. You can learn how to build the roof, the stairs, and even put the glider into position!

The other option is to purchase an illustrated book and follow the instructions in it. This option does require that you have some basic construction skills, but if you can use a saw then you should have no problem following the instructions within a few hours. If you have some experience at woodworking, you might also be able to customize the tree house after it is built. The most popular customization includes adding doors and windows. You could also add some shelves or cabinets.

You Will Be Surely Happy With Your Results

Either way that you choose to build a minecraft tree house, you will be happy with your results. Mine was well made and only required two days of spare time a couple of weekends. The excitement of putting together a structure to call your own is quite rewarding.

Final Verdict

The finished product will be something that your children can enjoy for years to come and it will give you lots of family fun memories to look back on.

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