Outdoor Game Ideas – DIY Jumbo Project


Both adults and kids equally enjoy outdoor games. And if the games include jumbo items, isn’t it more fun to spend quality outdoor time with family and friends? Check out below a few DIY projects that can be included in your outdoor activities:

Jumbo Tic Tac Toe

Make a jumbo tic tac toe by marking a concrete pavement with paint and using painted colored pebbles. Make colorful pebbles such as ladybug, butterfly, cricket ball, tennis ball or something that the kids like the most.

Outdoor Game Ideas – DIY Jumbo Project

Jumbo Monopoly

Kids and adults equally love playing monopoly. Imagine the pavement around the garden is designed like a monopoly board and play the game outdoor.

Bean Bag Toss

Make a big bean bag toss using simple materials like play saucers from your house. It can keep the little ones entertained for hours.


Convert five square boxes to wooden yard dice, adults, as well as kids, will enjoy the afternoon shooting dice in this fun outdoor game yelling “Yahtzee”.


You can also make simple DIY cornhole to play in the backyard. 

Giant Jenga

Make a giant Jenga using wooden blocks. This will be so much fun for adults and also for older kids.

Giant Snake and Ladder Board

Make a giant snake and ladder board on the garden grass and enjoy climbing ladders and sliding like snakes.

Outdoor Game Ideas – DIY Jumbo Project

Outdoor Chalk Board

Paint a garden wall, fence or backyard walls using chalk paint to make a huge blackboard for the little ones to draw on and be creative. This is a ridiculously simple DIY project that can be completed in half a day and the kids will use it for years to come.

Recycle Bottles for Bowling

In order to make jumbo bowling pins, recycle big plastic bottles. This is a simple but enjoyable outdoor game.

Patio Scrabble

Create a wooden frame and add tiles on the concrete to make a scrabble board. Your kids will learn new words when they play this outdoor game.

Balloon Darts

Another fun and simple idea for a creative outdoor game are making balloon darts. The popping sound of the balloons will be so much fun especially if it is filled with water!

Garden Twisters

Make DIY twisters in the garden instead of using the twister mat to make it more challenging.

Plastic Ball Tower

Stack a bunch of rubber balls with straws underneath them inside a tube. The idea of the game is to pull out the straws without having the whole thing collapse, another brilliant outdoor game.

Balloon and Spoon

Instead of lemon and spoon, play this outdoor game using water filled balloon and a large spoon to make it more fun.

Outdoor Word Game

Make wooden lettering to play this giant DIY word game. It is a time-consuming DIY project but it is worth it.

DIY Ladder Golf

Ladder golf is a yet another fun game for all ages. Using wood, bolts, washers, dowels, plywood, the ladder golf can be easily made.

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