Craft Ideas for Outdoor Garden Decoration - Simple and Effective

Outdoor Garden Decorations DIY Craft Ideas


Our garden can be decorated using simple materials that we have in our house. For example, use bottle caps, gems, pebbles, old tires, kid’s toys, popsicle sticks to make simple decorative items that will add beauty to your garden. Check out below some simple DIY craft ideas:

DIY Bottle Cap Flowers

Attach bottle caps together to give it a flower shape, it will add color to the garden.

Outdoor Garden Decorations DIY Craft Ideas


Make a whimsical decoration using paper. Colorful pinwheels can be made easily by using paper plates, this will be a DIY decor everyone will like every time the wind blows.

Glowing Flower Pots

Paint the flower pots with glow in the dark paint and turn it into a softly lit planter in the dark.

 DIY Mushroom Garden Decor

Give those pans and bowls second life by painting them upside down with red paint and white dots and use them as mushroom decor.

Outdoor Garden Decorations DIY Craft Ideas

Chalk Board Stepping Stones

Paint the stepping stones with chalk paint and kids will have the best fun time in the garden drawing on these DIY craft.  It can also be a fun element in your garden for kids.

Ball Lady Bugs

Worn out balls can be painted pink with black spots to make your DIY girl bug in the garden.

Craft Ideas Using Tires

Tires can also be used in a number of different DIY projects to enhance the beauty of the garden.

Hanging Flower Planter – Paint the tire with your favorite color and fill it with soil and plant some flowering plants. Furthermore, tie a rope and hang them on a tree in your garden. This makes a perfect garden DIY decor.

Tire Planter – Painted tires can be used to make planters. Stack the painted tires on the ground and use it as a planter for some flowering plants.

Tire Swing – To make a simple DIY swing for the kids you can also use tires to enjoy the garden time.

Painted Pebbles

We can even stack painted pebbles to make different shapes such as a cute caterpillar or place the green painted pebbles in the flower pot to make cactus plants or paint the pebble to look like vegetable or fruits!

Garden Markers

Garden markers help us in identifying the plants, especially the nursery plants.

Cork Garden Marker – Inexpensive way of making plant markers for small garden plants is by using wine cork and the skewers.

Spoon Garden Markers – Paint the spoons with different colors and write herbs on it. Furthermore, you can also paint a cute design on it.

Stone Markers – Also, paint stones and use them for easy identification of those small plants in the garden, especially the vegetable garden.

Flag Markers – Use plain fabrics and fabric markers to make flags markers.

Popsicle Sticks – Paint the popsicle sticks and mark them or add stickers to make popsicle markers.

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