Outdoor Hanging DIY Craft Decors


Find some adorable DIY craft hanging decor ideas that are super easy to make and inexpensive yet magical:

Garden Lanterns

Soft and natural light during the evenings would be a great idea. Different types of DIY garden lanterns can be made using mason jars, glass bottles, tin cans which will add character to your garden décor.

Outdoor Hanging DIY Craft Decors

Mason Jar Lanterns – Tie a rope around the neck of a Mason jar and hang them anywhere in the garden. Place candles inside the jar and light them up to add beauty to your garden.

Tin Can Lanterns – Make a few holes on the tin can, put a candle inside and hang the can around the garden to illuminate the garden at night.

Bottle Lanterns – Cut the top end of the bottle and use floral wire to hang the bottle around the trees. Alternatively, cut the bottom end of the bottle, using a chain hang the glass with candles inside from the tip end of the bottle to make a statement piece, another DIY project for your garden.

Sun Catchers

Firstly, clear lids or paper plates to make simple sun catchers. You can also use glue and tissue paper to make simple sun catchers.

CD Sun Catchers – To make the simplest DIY sun catchers use an old CD. Paint the CD with different colors and hang them in the branch. Simple!

Beaded Sun Catchers – Using see-through beads and cookie cutter. Melt them in the oven or hot grill outside. Drill hole to hang them out in the garden. Make different shapes and hang them for a beautiful DIY craft.

Glass Gems Sun Catchers – Glue the glass gems or stone together using clear glue in your preferred shape and hang them in your garden for an enchanting sun catcher.

Wind Chimes

Different types of wind chimes can be made using beads, ribbons, old keys, glass bottles or even colored papers. The wind chimes is a stylish way to add sound to the garden!

Outdoor Hanging DIY Craft Decors

Beaded Wind Chimes – Make a string of beads and tie them straight on twigs to make a simple hanging DIY décor. Kids will love to string beads and help you in this décor!

Sea Shell Chimes – Make a simple wind chime using seashells collected in the seashore. Furthermore, paint the shells add some beads to make it colorful.

Bottle Wind Chimes – Hang some small bottles using jute rope on to the circle ring and hang it to give that shine in the day time and also add some candles inside the bottle to be lit up at night.

Bottle Cap Wind Chimes – You can also use bottle caps to make yet another colorful DIY craft.

Spoons Wind Chimes – Old spoons and forks can also be converted into beautiful wind chimes. Enhance the look by adding painted keys to make it yet another colorful no-cost DIY craft.

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