Outdoor Play – Fun DIY Ideas

Outdoor Play - Fun DIY Ideas

From simple cycling to playhouse and so much more, kids find their playtime to be the best time. Find some easy to do DIY play area ideas for the little one to limit their screen time.

DIY Climbing Wall

Kids love to climb trees and walls. And this DIY project will be a lot more fun for them to play with their friends. Make it as short or high as you prefer. Attach the climbing holds to the wall and ensure to have rubber mulch or inflatable mattress on the ground for safety.

Outdoor Play – Fun DIY Ideas

DIY Sandbox

Make a DIY sandbox for the kids to sit and make a sandcastle. Make the sandbox with any old storage boxes. Paint it and fill it with sand. Kids, especially the smaller ones will enjoy playing in it for hours while you enjoy the cool drink sitting beside them.

Tire See Saw

Cut an old truck tire into half for the right-back and forth movement. Attach a long wooden board to the end of the tire to make a see-saw. Attach holders on both ends of the board for grip while playing.

DIY Stepping Stones

Using concrete pavers make simple stepping stones for kids to hop around the garden. This simple DIY idea is a quick craft that can be made by just painting the concrete pavers with different colors and numbering them. It’s an easy way to teach the toddlers the numbers too. Or alphabets can be painted on the stones.

Outdoor Play – Fun DIY Ideas

Easy Hula Hoop Hide Outs

Hang the hula hoop on a tree using a rope or ribbon and cover it with a curtain to make a temporary tent. It is an easy outdoor hideout area for them to sit and read, write or play.

DIY Balance Beam

Balancing on a beam is an important developmental play. A balance beam can be made using beams as well as wooden blocks. This balance beam helps kids balance on a narrow space.

Water Slide

Water parks are fun but expensive. Therefore, create a cool water slide in your backyard if you have a small hill.

DIY Chalkboard

Kids indeed love to write and draw on walls. Make a chalkboard on the wall of the garden area or backyards for them, they will spend hours drawing and creating art. We can even use this time to teach numbers or alphabets or drawing while playing. Adding a roof is optional if you want to keep them away from too much sunlight.

DIY kids’ Car Wash Area

Make a car wash area for the kids to clean their tiny cars imitating their parents.

DIY Racetrack

Is there any boy who does not like playing on a racetrack? In this case, make a racetrack for the kids to play in the garden using slabs of wood, paint it to make roads and small post lights. And also add small road like structures, by simply adding creativity to the kids’ racetrack.

DIY Zip Line

Last but not least, create a DIY zip line from tree to tree or from a treehouse to another tree for the adventurous kids. Undoubtedly, they will love traveling on the zip line with friends.

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