Outdoor Swings DIY Ideas


An evening well spent chit-chatting with friends and family, playing with the little ones is all we need to refresh ourselves from the stress and tension of the day. When we are alone swinging under a tree, fresh air blowing, having a cat nap outside with nature can lighten up the mind. Swing your way to relaxation with the help of wooden pallets, macrame, ropes, pillows and more. Check out a few DIY ideas to make outdoor swings that can be made with a limited budget and for small spaces.

Pallet Swings

Different types of pallet swings can be hung on trees. Make sure the trees you choose to hang the swing on has a strong branch as the pallets are extremely heavy. Doing this project will take very little of your time.

Outdoor Swings DIY Ideas

Bed Makeover Swing

Who needs a bedroom when you can sleep on a comfortable swing? Convert an old bed to make a swing. Enhance the look with sheer curtains, lights, blankets, and colorful pillows.

Bench Makeover Swing

Makeover a bench by removing the legs and hang it on the porch to enjoy the outdoors. It’s a great space for reading.

A simple Swing

If you have a big tree, hang a simple swing using a wooden plank and a rope. Simple DIY does not always mean a lot of work, but a simple project like this one can be enjoyed by the kids.

Airplane Seater

If your kids love flying an airplane, change the wooden plank of a simple swing with an airplane shaped seater. Undoubtedly, they will fly along with the wind!

DIY Hammock Chair

A DIY crafter knows how to make use of simple fabric to make a hanging chair. Stitch the sides of the fabric or canvas and hang them using a rope.

Macrame DIY Chair

Though macrame chairs are there for purchase, it can be easily made. Make a circular chair or a simple one for some reading time.

Chair Swing

Instead of throwing away a broken chair – a wooden or plastic chair can be converted into a swing by removing the legs and adding ropes.

Outdoor Swings DIY Ideas

Swing For Toddlers

Envelope a fabric from inside like a tent for toddlers to sleep in.

Tire Swing

Tie a rope on the tire to be hung on a tree. This can be a safe place for the kids to sit on and enjoy.

Skateboard Swing

Use an old skateboard instead of wooden pallets to make outdoor swings. Drill two holes for tying the rope is all we have to do make it. Two dowels can be added for hand support for the kids while they swing. 

Round Wooden Swing

Though a circular geometry is not ideal for a swing, it works as a quick exercise tool combined with a bit of fun. Hold the circular wooden piece by slipping the rope from the center of it.

PVC Platform Swing

Make a square or rectangular frame using PVC pipes and slip a canvas. Tie ropes to the structure and hang them on a tree. The DIY swing is ready. Now the kids don’t have to wait for their turns, instead, this DIY platform swing can accommodate all of you!!

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