Pallets for Outdoor Furniture – An Inexpensive DIY project


Wooden pallets are increasingly becoming popular among art and craft projects. It is because pallets are easily available, strong, low cost and maintenance-free. Instead of reusing the wooden pallets as fuel, it can be repurposed to make simple and beautiful outdoor furniture.

Picnic Table

Construct a pallet bench and table. Paint it white, pink or blue. This is perfect outdoor furniture for meals in the lanai with friends and family.

Table and Chairs

Using scrap wood from a pallet can be a simple pallet table and four sets of seaters can be made for children. Paint them with bright colors and kids are sure to enjoy their board games out in the garden with their friends.

Pallets for Outdoor Furniture – An Inexpensive DIY project

Swing Bed

Is there any kids who do not love swing. So a swing bed would be the best place for kids to relax, for those book worms who spend time reading, lie down on a summer evening. Complete the look of this outdoor furniture with lights, blankets, and cushions.

Bike Ramp

Our little cyclist would love to own a pallet bike ramp. They will be fascinated to play on it with a little precaution, staying straight and ensuring to keep the back wheels away from the edges.

Pallet Play Bus/Train

Make a creative DIY project for the kid’s playtime using a pallet, recycling some old chairs and a steering wheel. Kids would love to play on their bus with their friends to bring their play into life by going to school, the nearby shop or visiting their friend’s house.

Upright Garden For Their playhouse or Treehouse

For adding color to the playhouse or treehouse add an upright garden by using pallets.  Small beautiful flowering plants have a place to bloom in their small houses. Ask the kids to take care of the plants by watering them regularly. It is also a smart way to get kids connected to nature.


Use a pallet to make a sandpit. No painting required. Add some sand and toys for the kids to enjoy. We can even add pallet benches for the adults to rest while the little ones enjoy the sand games.

Kitchen Play Area

Kids love to play cooking as their parents do in the real kitchen. Bring the indoor game out on a sunny evening.

Ball in Basket

Attach a small plastic basket on the pallet and place it on the wall for the kids to play ball in the basket games for endless hours.

Kids Adventure Gym

Make a playhouse with steps, ladders, rope ladders, slides and swing for the kids to enjoy the perfect outdoor games with their friends. It would definitely take some time to complete this DIY project, but the constant whining of the kids to bring them to the park will stop.

Pallets for Outdoor Furniture – An Inexpensive DIY project

Tool Benches For The Little Ones

For those little ones who like to imitate the bigger carpenters can be gifted with this DIY craft. Make a bench, stool and as well as tool holders using pallets.

Furthermore, a gas station, a super creative shop, a chef’s café all made by using the easily available pallets. With a little creativity and sweat, it will undoubtedly bring a lot of memories to our kids which they will cherish forever.

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