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Brilliant DIY Garden Edging Ideas

Garden edging

The garden beds can be edged with different creative ideas. It is time-consuming but the result will be great. Use your time, energy and creativity to make one of the below garden edging ideas. Some of them might need buying the right kind of supplements while others can be made by recycling your used things. […]

DIY Garden Decor for the Feather Friends

DIY Crafts for Garden Decor for Birds

What would be a garden be without the birds and insects coming to visit the flowers? Birds love to have the food grains and we can scatter the grains on the ground or on the balcony ledge, but it would be a huge mess to clean after the bird’s visit. The best is to create […]

Glow In The Dark Outdoor Party – Simple DIY Ideas To Illuminate The Garden At Night

Garden Illumination

When throwing a party at the house, apart from the food, we think about how space can be utilized. Outdoor space such as the garden can be used to get together with friends. Having good lighting is important for outdoor parties. Instead of candle lights and string lights, a glow in the dark party ideas […]

Garden Furniture – 12 Easy DIY Ideas

Best DIY Garden Furniture

There are a lot of us who love spending time out in the garden, be it the backyard among the vegetables and herbs or porch area or balcony to merely loosen up and breathe some fresh air. Setting up the garden is a tedious job. Garden is not just for plants but it should also […]

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